“Solar help for Ukraine” appeal launched

Italian and Ukrainian associations are promoting an appeal, and calling on everyone to sign it, to get rechargeable batteries and portable solar panels to the people of Ukraine. "Support for the reconstruction of the country will be based on the objectives of the European Green Deal by placing renewable energy and a just transition at the center of the plans," the European Commission said. "Fine," the appeal reads, "but don't wait for reconstruction! Start now."

Solar Ukraine

As a result of the Russian military’s repeated missile attacks on power plants in hundreds of cities, the Ukrainian population is experiencing severe, and never before experienced, energy poverty and insecurity.

It is not possible to endure this emergency with the help of traditional (fossil fuel) generators alone. First of all, it is necessary to make maximum use of the energy during the hours when it is distributed, but unfortunately, rechargeable batteries and small power bank-type tools have been almost exhausted everywhere. Even more important and promising is the possibility offered by solar systems, which do not need to go through the power grid and which produce new energy, even with little daylight.

Millions of Ukrainian families would live better if they could take advantage of small and medium-sized solar power banks, which at least provide nighttime lighting and charging of cell phones and tablets, and without burdening the general power grid. We therefore call on governments and entrepreneurs to make the necessary efforts to ensure that this possibility is accessible to all and is properly communicated.

“Support for Ukraine’s reconstruction will be based on the goals of the European Green Deal by placing renewable energy development and a just transition at the center of the country’s reconstruction plans,” the European Commission said. Fine, but don’t wait for reconstruction! Start now with solar within reach for the population.

They have already signed:

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